Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our S.0.B.?

So Hillary says what happened in Libya won't happen in Syria because our government believes Bashar Assad to be a "reformer".

Jeebus help us!

Nice to just rule out intervention or support for the opposition ex-ante. Nice to let Bashar know we've got his thuggish, brutal, back.

Look, I don't care anymore about our perceived "strategic interests" in the region, I want to see all the dictators there fall including the House of Saud!

Yes, things may get worse in the short run, but it's the only way things can ever get better in the long run.


Richard Stands said...

Should the U.S. should also intervene in Rwanda, the Ivory Coast, North Vietnam, Myanmar, Somalia, Iran, North Caucusus, Nigeria, Chad, and Sudan?

Angus said...

Not necessarily. I wouldn't necessarily intervene in Syria. But I want Assad gone and I sure wouldn't undercut the message from Libya up front for an a-hole like him.

John Thacker said...

She made reference to members of the Congress believing that, which I have to think at least refers to Sen. John Kerry, noted fan of Assad as reformer and also booster of going into Libya.