Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Everybody Wing Chau tonight!

If you've read Michael Lewis' book "The Big Short" (and if you haven't you are really missing something good), you know that he comes down hard on a particular trader named Wing Chau.

Well hot on the heels of Brat Pitt buying the movie rights to the book, Mr. Chau has decided to sue Lewis for defamation.

His complaint contains some interesting parts, for example:

"Wing Chau and his immediate family are Chinese immigrants. His father, Muk Loong Chau, fled Chairman Mao’s China in 1953 to make a better life for his family in America—to pursue the American dream. Mr. Chau was born in Hong Kong, where the family was waylaid for many year while awaiting a visa. Eventually, the family immigrated to Rhode Island, where his father took various jobs at Chinese restaurants, usually working six days per week."

Michael Lewis! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Here is more on the complaint and here is more on the saga of Wing Chau.

And here is something I've not been able to get out of my head since I read the Wing Chau portion of "The Big Short":


Tom said...

Methinks Ming Chau will have trouble finding a sympathetic jury.

Tyler Durden didn't consider that when he wrote "accurate a portrait of the (allegedly) pathologically greedy manager." OK, which is it...

Accurate - matching reality in detail, or

Alleged - might not have any relationship with reality


(Don't sue me.)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how one of Wing Chau's complaints is that Lewis' book was shorter than Andrew Ross Sorkin's book.