Monday, February 28, 2011

Okay, One for the Critics

I generally have little patience for the haters who want to blame America's collective and individual giant fat asses on fast food in general and Mickie D's in particular.

But...I have to admit the anti-oatmeal bitching is pretty much on target.

Tried it myself:

1. Asked for no cream and no sugar. Got both.
2. Took it back. Was assured that could be done. Got both again.
3. Took it back. Manager came over. No, turns out can't be done. Can redo without sugar if I really WANT to, but cream is already mixed.
4. I just left it on the counter, and left.

McDonalds insists you can customize, but it's actually not true.


SB7 said...

In McD's defense, their complete inability to customize orders isn't limited to the fattening oatmeal. I've never successfully gotten them to give me a coffee with cream and no sugar.

(Wait is that actually "in their defense"? Kind of a damning way of "defending" someone.)

Anonymous said...

And I have zero respect for willfully obtuse libertarian sociopaths who blame the victims of, inter alia, food deserts, corn subsidies, and for-profit "health insurers"--all of which are the result of the "free market."

Oh, but subsidies are anticapitalist, you say. Wrong. Legislation goes to the highest bidder, baby.

Angus said...

Can you even imagine how bad McDonald's oatmeal would taste without the cream and sugar?

Without fat and sugar, nothing inside the Golden Arches would be remotely edible.

Matt said...


Government intervention is anti-capitalist, whether or not monetary incentives are provided to encourage/discourage legislation. Rent-seeking is not the "free market."

Mungowitz said...

Anon: Whatever medication that is that you are not taking.... please do start taking it again.

Jim O said...

Well, did you taste the oatmeal?

Tom said...

I learned long ago how to get exactly what I want out of a McD's...

Never go to a McD's!

Works every time.