Sunday, February 06, 2011

All Hail Keith Gaddie

Keith is professor of political science at OU, a publishing machine, an expert in southern politics, a sought after consultant in cases involving re-districting and voting rights, and a novelist!.

People, you should fire up the Facebook and beg Keith to friend you. He has the consistently best FB posts of anyone in my vast network (of 116) friends. Here is a koan-like gem from this morning:

"Anderson Cooper is the little miniature dog in America's designer handbag."

I don't think I've written a sentence that good in my whole life!


Mungowitz said...

well, I would.

But KG "Gilliganed" me so bad, when I visited OU, that pride prevents it.

And to make sure the distinction is clear:

To Jess--Attend a function/ commitment, get bored, and just leave. Never mention this later.

To Gilligan--Promise to attend a function/ commitment, and simply not show up. Never mention this later.

So, Keith didn't even have the COMMON COURTESY to Jess me. Just straight up Gilliganed.

Angus said...

LOL, not only that, but he wrote you on FB asking you out for drinks afterward, remember.

Then he didn't show for the talk or drinks or anything.

"to Gaddie": take the initiative to create a social commitment and then blow it off.

David said...

He probably lost track of time while he was updating his Facebook page.

Keith G said...

Yeah, I was a total slacker. Maybe Kevin & Robin can rehab me.

Sorry about that Mike . . . :(