Friday, February 11, 2011

P-Kroog Hat Trick!

What a great op-ed, a P-Kroog trifecta.

First, and entirely gratuitously, he calls all conservatives racists. Later, he says Republicans want to return to slavery (the "ante-bellum period" is clearly code). This is a total non sequitur, even by P-Kroog standards.

Second, he poops all over KPC-friend "Guido" DiLorenzo!

Finally, it's worth pointing out that the title, presumably ironic, is "Lincoln, Inflationist." Um, Paulie baby, annual inflation from 1862-1866 was 20%+. Yes, in the North. South was a basket case. But North had huge inflation, too, because of (wait for it!) paper money.

Lincoln WAS an inflationist. Sure, there was a war, maybe there were good reasons. But making fun of the idea that inflation even existed under Lincoln is a little silly.

Most entertaining. People used to say that Doonesbury should be moved to the editorial page. Perhaps. But by that logic P-Kroog's columns should be moved to the comics.


Anonymous said...


This guy really has your number.

Incidentally, Doonsbury has been in our local paper's editorial section for at least the past 20-odd years.

Hell, the N&O used to put the Far Side, there, as well.

Probably to protect folks' delicate sensibilities.

Matt said...

I just can't imagine how Ron Paul didn't see this coming when he invited DiLorenzo instead of, say, Garrison or Murphy. This was the predictable turn of events.

eightnine2718281828mu5 said...

But making fun of the idea that inflation even existed under Lincoln is a little silly.

Yeah, That was the whole point of the article. Which was quite a feat considering that he never commented on the rate of inflation during the Lincoln administration.

And equating Krugman's description of 'the southern strategy' with 'calling all conservatives racist?'

Pure rhetorical genius.

And the 'antebellum' reference wasn't about slavery, it was a jab at DiLorenzo's call for “some states [to] begin seceding from the new American fascialistic state.”

Not your best effort.