Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Thomas Friedman gives us his philosophy of life

He sums it up for you at the very end and it's well worth watching the whole thing!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Just, wow!

Eric said...

Holy sh*t.

Anonymous said...

I made a friend of mine watch this clip awhile ago, after I told him that I didn't appreciated Friedman's work. Friedman guy is out of control, and sadly, many people listen to him. Most people, I think, are impressed by the size of "The World is Flat." But I tell people it is not enlightened. Who wouldn't think that the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the rise of Microsoft is important to globalization? Simply pointing that out does nothing. His work is pedestrian.
It is strange that this guy's audience seems to come from both the left and right. Perhaps the audience that encourages Friedmen, are simply myopic simpletons, not partisans.
Thanks to Mike for reminding us of where most people get their understanding of globalization from.

Steve said...

He's like one of those pompous 85 IQ windbags who thinks he's a 130, and everyone else is a 70.

I want to never stop punching him in the face when he talks like he's explaining physics to sixth graders.

He's Cliff Claven.

He should be sued by the other Friedman estate to give up the last name.