Monday, February 14, 2011

A horse is a horse...

...of course of course, but sometimes it turns out to be a Trojan horse. Like the stimulus bill.

Timely, targeted, and temporary?

We can debate the first two Ts, but the third one turns out to be false. The stimulus spending levels now apparently are permanent. I for one am shocked. President O has unveiled his "pain" budget of a mere $3.73 trillion, freezing spending in some areas at their 2010 levels.

Gee, thanks!

Of course even this bogus freeze does not apply to our President's favorite toys: choo-choos and windmills (and electric cars too!).

Did somehow progressive pundits and politicians just not get fun stuff to play with when they were kids? Is this nutty obsession just due their receiving Amy Chua parenting?

Yes, unemployment is still very high, people are still suffering. But we have already spent trillions and trillions with little to nothing to show for it!

Telegram for Dr. Obama: The leeches are not helping the patient!


Anonymous said...

Cheap shot - what is wrong with fast, relibale public transport. Decrying trains is an easy target. I expect better from you Mike, you are well travelled and know how a fast, relibale intercity train service (think Europe) works well and aids economic performance.

Pelsmin said...

Anonymous --

Four points:
1) No one objects to trains. If they aid economic performance, they'll be built by companies who get a piece of the pie they create. If they don't, they won't. Unless the government forces us to pay to build them anyway.
2) And if the government builds them, what makes you think they will be fast and reliable? Please cite precedent.
3) This entry was written by Angus, not Mike. You can tell by reviewing the HTML code attached to the comment. Or by looking at the name signed at the bottom of the piece.
4) Lastly, Anonymous, I have been reading some of your other posts throughout the internet, and they are disgusting.