Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grand Game: CPAC Edition

Wow. This guy Kevin McCullough is a piece of work. Were being a prick the same as wisdom, ol' McCull would indeed be the wisest of men (as he appears to believe). Really a fantastic article. Enjoy, and do share your thoughts.

Check McCullough's web site; he is basically Taliban, in terms of his world-view.

As for me, just the fact that someone would write "Disrespectful Libertarians" is pretty hilarious, something I should refer to the Department of Redundancy Department.


Anonymous said...

"And, because of that, perhaps they should have their own conference and let all the pot-smokers and gay marriage supporters come and complain about how the U.S. shouldn't be fighting terrorists, while they slander public servants."

That would be a fun party. Can I get an invite?

Can you actually slander a public servant? Also, from what I've been reading about public pensions these days, are there any public servants left? They are more like fuedal lords.

On the defense aspect of his complaints, I do find it puzzling that those that consider themselves conservative don't find what we are currently doing wrong. I am a veteran and I think our defense/security could be a lot less expensive and more effective. We just need to play a really violent game of whack-a-mole. (I do undertand the moral implications of such a policy.)

Mungowitz said...

Anon, you hit it right on. I have no moral objections to extremely violent self-defense. After 9-11, I thought our attack on Taliban / OBL in Afghanistan was fully justified.

And then we should have said, "We can come back anytime, motherf***ers," and left. Got out.

No Iraq, no Afghan occupation, just whack-a-mole. From 30,000 feet if we can, or using proxies, or whatever.

Because we have NOT made Iraq, or Afghanistan, functioning democracies. The fact that we TRIED doesn't make it more moral. So that's not better.

Whack-a-mole. Exactly.

octavio113 said...

"We can come back anytime, motherf***ers,"

I love it, and I agree! At the time, I was screaming for them to be overwhelmingly disproportionate in their response. Then, rain down fliers letting the people know that continued ambivalence toward terrorist training camps etc., would make their current sh**ty lives, under the taliban, seem spectacular.

To prove the point, leave a fleet of AC-130 Gunships doing 24/7 sweeps of the country, as it blankets it with 20mm M61 Vulcan cannon fire.

But seriously, as far as my limited knowledge goes, forced democracy rarely, if ever, works. The people have to be ready for it; and they have to want it.

We have lost a lot good people over these wars, and I can't help but feel we could have prevented most of it, and kept our homeland just as safe.