Wednesday, February 09, 2011

UNC v. Duke--Two Ties Day

Annual picture in front of K-ville sign. Note neckwear: I have ties to both schools!

Here is the tent city of K-ville. Doesn't smell good at this point.

Background on K-ville

K-ville rules for this year. Just in case "You've never been to K-ville! But you've been to Oklahoma! For they tell me it has snowed there...but I really don't remember."


Angus said...

Hoyt Axton was a hell of a songwriter.

zimaroll said...

Then there's the day after the big games, when K-ville looks like the marriage of a landfill and a tornado. Somebody...say a political science professor...should calculate the opportunity cost of the groundskeepers walking thru the detritus cleaning up after the kids.

Barbara said...

Fun game. I know you probably don't think so. :-)