Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Silicone Killed the Snake TV Star

I'm not sure what to say. Video.

It's a classic Hollywood story. Girl meets snake. Snake bites boob. Snake dies. Some commentary.

Not sure I buy the story. I'm betting she squeezed the bejezus out of the snake. Silicone is just not that poisonous. Also, if all the silicone leaked out, Ms. Fox is going to look somewhat...lopsided. Was this some kind of Garden of Eden thing, except it was the snake who bit the (apple)? And then the snake died? Tough justice.

(nod to Anonyman, who said it was too gross to watch, so he watched ten times)

(Just as I thought: Snake did not die.)


Gerardo said...

How many doctors did it take?

Steve said...

Absolutely impossible.
That's a /boa constrictor constrictor/. And relatively young. Boas do not have fangs, they have a row of tiny teeth. I've been bit by boas and pythons more than I can count. Being bit by a boa is like having someone give you a "ruler thwack" with a hacksaw blade. You would have a small circle of shallow pin-pricks, nothing more. It would itch a little, like a cat scratch. It would not even pierce the layers of skin.

There is no way that snake got through skin, fat, and the silicone implant liner.

werttrew said...

Yep, fake.


Pablo said...

Hugo Chavez now has another reason to rally against imperialist breast augmentations.