Sunday, March 13, 2011

Old Ben Barber loves him some Saif!

An amazing interview is here. Ben sure does not like anyone to think that he may be wrong about anything. Also, he has some very strange views about what a Ph.D. dissertation is. Here he is responding to plagiarism charges against his homie Saif:

It's a dissertation; I have read it. There are about 600 books quoted at length or paraphrased -- it's a doctoral dissertation; you're supposed to cite people! You're not allowed to have your own views

600 books quoted at length? Not allowed to have your own views?


oh and by the way, check the second link. Home-boy plagiarized in a big big way!

Barber is a joke.

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Anonymous said...

I've had extensive experience with BB and his political teachings. He thinks he's a man of the people bringing democracy to world, but he's actually a a walking, breathing stereo-type of a liberal elite - "I'm here to help tell you how to live, because I care about me...I mean you." He did make be understand why dictators are megalomaniacs..."if I do something bad, it's only to help others."

I realized that he missed his calling in life, he should have been a used car salesmen:
"I've talked to 600 people who want this car, but I'll sell it to you because I want to help you."