Monday, October 31, 2011

Housing Prices, Gay/Lesbian Homeowners, and Political Views

The Influence of Gay and Lesbian Coupled Households on House Prices in Conservative and Liberal Neighborhoods

David Christafore & Susane Leguizamon, Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming

Abstract: Gays and lesbians perceive themselves to be targets of discrimination in the housing market. Previous research has found that the presence of gays and lesbians is associated with increased  ousing values. We reconcile the perceived discrimination and research results by classifying neighborhoods as more conservative or liberal according to voting outcomes of the ”Defense of Marriage Act”. Using a data set comprised of over 20,000 house sale observations, we show that an increase in the number of same-sex coupled households is associated with an increase in house prices in more liberal neighborhoods and a decrease in house prices in more conservative neighborhoods. This suggests that gay and lesbian coupled households do experience prejudice in conservative neighborhoods. 

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John D. said...

And could the study also suggest that the more liberal neighborhoods subject same-sax couples to price gouging, while more conservative neighborhoods encourage home ownership through lower prices to couples of all orientation? Just thinking out loud, as I silently type.

Sometimes I think we should require that researchers obtain a license for using statistics, and a carry permit for drawing conclusions from them.

John D. said...

Make that "same-sex" couples, and note that this might apply to "same-sax" couples as well.