Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm down with OWS!

I, Angus, just want to tell you all that, contrary to my good friend and co-blogger Mungowitz, I am totally down with and supportive of the OWS movement.

The ever stronger link between big finance and big government is really hurting this country, and who knows, maybe OWS will start the ball rolling somehow to improve things.

Even if it doesn't, who are they really hurting?

I say let 'em protest in peace with a minimum of mockery.

Heck, if there was an Occupy Norman, I might check it out. Maybe find some elevators where we could push all the buttons at once....


Gerardo said...

I'm completely down with protesting crony capitalism, an area where each of the past two administrations have excelled.

I find it kind of distasteful that the folks protesting here disparage legitimate beefs from the Tea Party crowd. But just because large swaths of the protesters are incoherent, doesn't mean there is no valid underlying principle worth marching up and about the square for.

Dave Hansen said...

Is this a trick post, like a trick question on a test? You say your opinion on OWS is "contrary" to Mungo's, and then you proceed to say pretty much the same thing he has, which is that in general, they're right to be mad (if it's directed at crony capitalism) and they're fun to mock. I'm sure Mungo would love to stop by Occupy Raleigh for some laughs, too.

Jon P said...

Tell them to pick up after themselves, put away the weed, take off the rainbow clown wigs, and elect (by jazz hands if necessary) a few less-shabby, articulate spokespeople to specify a few things that they want people to write their congresspeople about. So they might effect some actual change?