Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair

Here is a picture of a new Congressional district cooked up by a bunch of geniuses in Maryland:



John Thacker said...

Oh, hey, that's going to be my new district. I was in a different one, but now I'm part of the ink blot.

Mungowitz said...

And that's a Democrat legislature. So let's stop with all the whining about the Repubs in NC. Redistricting is war, plain and simple.

John said...

Covers my old residence in NE MoCo.

The Biz of Life said...

This is all about getting rid of one Republican representative-- Roscoe Bartlett.

Ten Mile Island said...

I think I'm in that district, and I live on the West Coast.

John Thacker said...

So let's stop with all the whining about the Repubs in NC.

The existing NC maps are pretty heavily gerrymandered. The Repubs had the same percentage of votes for US House as they did for US Senate, NC House, and NC Senate. The latter three they won massively (the NC Legislature because the Supreme Court required less-gerrymandered maps than normal), the former, not so much.

I pointed that out to you at the time when you wondered by the GOP hadn't won more US House seats in NC.

Every incumbent GOP member of Congress from NC won a majority easily more than any incumbent Democrat,

John Thacker said...

This post of your, Munger. I can't believe you were really confused by:
So how do you get an explanation that says national swing, huge Republican tide, corrupt state legislature....except for pretty much all the Democratic members of Congress won, most of them by 5% or more.

Explanation was simple-- old maps were Democrat-gerrymandered (NC Leg was not so much because of NC Supreme Court).

The swing from a Dem-gerrymander to a GOP one could be enormous.