Wednesday, October 19, 2011


VdR on the stimulus. Nice resource.

Jeff Miron on consequentialist and deontological libertarianism. Since no more than 2% of the US population knows what either of these words mean, it is an illustration of why libertarianisms' cultivated irrelevance is like to survive.

The "Battle for Brooklyn." Very cool, very interesting.

The Mitt-tator calls China out for being a currency manipulator. After we have implmented the Rogoff-Krugman plan and have 6% inflation, presumably the Mitt-tator will call out the U.S. for being a currency manipulator.

Bail-out? Fannie and the Fred have PLENTY of cash, thank you very much. And the Ben Bernank says there is more where that came from.



Gabriel said...

Most people probably would understand "pragmatic" and "principled" but this would lack the je ne sais quoi you get from "consequentialist" and "deontological."

Hell, I'm a PhD and I'm not completely sure what "deontological" means.

Richard Stands said...

In order to judge consequences as valuable or not, mustn’t one first have a philosophy by which to judge?