Tuesday, October 04, 2011


The links of October....

Central planning...of the internet?

Compensation, schmompensation: Elizabeth Warren says you don't own NOTHIN'!

"Cost-effectiveness" analysis

Gag me with a microwave: The "myplate.gov" button. No, this is NOT the Onion.


LowcountryJoe said...

Eat our peas. Now's the time to do it.

Richard Stands said...

And when you're zapping that tuna Immelt, you'll find it's not taxing at all.

G.E.: We bring graft things to lowlifes.

Mike said...

Bought a computer lately?

I bought a Dell early this year. Bought a Toshiba about two months ago. Both, on the favorites bar of the pre-loaded IE, had links to U.S. Government web sites.

If I recall correctly, the Dell had the links in Spanish too.

Hasdrubal said...

While I agree with the sentiment of the Internet piece, it doesn't do a very good job of proving its point. You kind of have to take it on faith that a governmental organization would do a worse job.

It would be much more convincing to compare a change in the Internet with a similar scale change handled by an intergovernmental organization. Like, say, the way in which IPv6 is being adopted compared to how the Basel III standards are being rolled out or something.

Mungowitz said...

I just think it's amazing that a microwave has a link to a *.gov web site.

The point being, Mike, that this is a MICROWAVE, not a computer.