Monday, October 24, 2011

KPC Dallas summit

Mungo and I converged on Dallas yesterday to take in game 4 of the WS. We warmed up by eating a pile of pupusas (the official food of KPC by the way) and then headed to the game early, to see STL take BP (which was pretty much the only time they hit the whole game). While the outcome was disappointing, the experience was tremendous.

The Rangers have a great ballpark, super fans and a fun team. Their only real drawback is GEORGE F. BUSH, who threw out the first pitch to a standing O!

Some foties:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, about as flat as possible. Didn't help that Holland was given more than a handful of strikes by home plate umpire Kulpa (he who blew the Holliday tag call on Saturday). Jackson was much worse than his line shows.

Carp tonight, critical game five. Nobody in the league I'd rather have going.

John Thacker said...

Well, if Earl Weaver were dead, game 5 tonight would make him roll in his grave.

If he watched it, maybe it killed him so that he has a grave to roll over in.

I'm struggling to decide which moves were stupider, TLR's, or Wash's.

Gilligan said...

Christie and Leah (our daughter who is a student at TCU) were there. Did you see them?

Mungowitz said...

Didn't. Would have looked, though! I hope they enjoyed it.