Monday, March 19, 2012

Concha y Toro, and the Balcony of Pleasantness

It's vegetarian night at the corner of La Gloria and Apoquindo.

Bought a big wad of espinaca, remembering the rule that "one pound of spinach cooks down to exactly nothing." Loaded it with garlic, bean sprouts, and spices, and cooked it up. Had some nice farmer's cheese and brown bread, and ate my dinner....

...while having some Concha y Toro carmenere, and looking out from the balcony. The CyT is hardly a great wine, but then here in Santiago it only costs $3.20....for a 1.5 LITERs.

When you add it to this view, and the 78 degree dry evening air, with a breeze...well, to quote Jimmy Buffet: "I was in love! With the whole world! Animate, inanimate, cone head, no cone, it don't matter."

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