Thursday, March 22, 2012


Some links. No theme, no unifying idea, just some links.

The myth of the myth of the independent voter

A parade of idiots. You want to stop watching, but...

Street scenes from Santiago

This week's random and spurious medical correlation: red meat reduces depression

Making fun of rednecks is fine, but not welfare recipients? Then a silly response to same. Fox with its own strange interpretation. And Bill Maher finding it funny to laugh at poor people, rather selectively given his later indignation.


Anonymous said...

What about welfare recipient rednecks?... I know for a fact it's okay to mock welfare recipient rednecks who don't like welfare or at least government debt.

Hasdrubal said...

The number of gun safety fails in that video is why I leave the range whenever someone I don't know (and when some people I do know) shows up.

The guy jumping off the bridge with a wingsuit was at the New River Gorge bridge on Bridge Day, it's the only time and place I know of in the states where BASE jumping is legal. They have a lot of experts there to show you how to modify regular skydiving gear for the jump and it's impressively safe as far as BASE jumping goes: Only 3 fatalities since 1979.

(And yes, BASE jumping gear is different than regular skydiving gear, one thing is that BASE jumping parachutes are rigged to open _fast_ at low velocities whereas skydiving rigs are meant to open slowly at terminal velocity. It hurts less that way ;D )