Saturday, March 24, 2012

What would YOU do?

Armored truck driving on highway, back door unlatched.

Money spills out, swirling around in the air.

What would YOU do?

A lot of people stopped, dropped, and grabbed.

I would have driven on, but I'm not sure my reason is morally admirable. I would have assumed that the amount of money I might expect to grab was not worth the twin risks of (a) getting hit by a speeding car and (b) getting arrested for stealing cash.

Nod to the LMM.


John D. said...

Would one get arrested for stealing if they invoked "Finders Keepers"? How long does the money have to be on the ground before it is indeed found money? Just wondering.

Highmesa said...

Isn't there an EMH joke in there somewhere?