Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mission accomplished

One of the (few) nerve-wracking parts of my job is placing students. This year, we had two PhD students in development on the market. Mrs. A advised one and I advised the other. They both got 20+ interviews at the AEA (the national economics conference and job market) meetings and 6 campus visits out of those interviews. Now, both have accepted tenure track jobs with decent salaries and teaching loads and good support for travel and research.

We try to make sure our students have teaching experience and (ideally) a publication before going on the market. We run multiple practice interviews for them before the AEA meetings and practice job talks before their campus visits.

Even though the ultimate burden is on the student, I always feel pretty squirmy until they get a job. I am barely comfortable being responsible for myself, let alone someone else's career.

Now I can sink back to my normal level of apathetic lethargy.

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Don said...

Congrats, the fledglings have left the nest ;^).