Monday, March 26, 2012

Twisted steel & Sachs appeal

When someone I follow re-tweeted Jeff Sachs' message to Jim Kim last week, I was impressed and surprised at its gracious tone:

Jim Kim is a superb nominee for WB. I support him 100%. I thank all who supported me and know they'll be very pleased with today's news

So surprised that I went to Sachs' twitter feed to see what was up. And found these gems, all on March 21:

I've been given no consideration, and won't be. The US Government doesn't seem to care about global poverty. 

Did you know that Larry Summers actually knew BEFOREHAND what Shleifer was doing while HIID did not? 

In 1999 Polish President gave me one of nation's highest medals for my historic contribution. 

You should know that in an emergency room there are "short-term disruptions." Don't blame the doc.

Sadly, the feed has gone quiet since he congratulated Kim.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for the link. His feed is a complete train wreck!

It's embarrassing to read, but I couldn't stop.