Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Italian Spelling Bee

This video is just in time. What a life-saver. Thanks to the LMM.

The Italian-American spelling bee.

The reason this is helpful is that for dinner here in Chile on Sunday, I ate with the family of Juan Pablo. I tried to explain to them how the American Italians I knew all called eggplant, "Moolen-john," which is nothing like the Italian word, "Me-lahn-zahn-ay," which is the ACTUAL Italian word for eggplant (melanzane). Here is an Italian pronouncing the word. It has four syllables, and sounds NOTHING like "Moolen-john."

JP's family would not believe me. All the Italians they knew were from Italy, and said "Me-lahn-zahn-ay."

But, now, I have video proof. Frankie Orlando, this is for you.

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