Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winning Bracket

As a special bonus for KPC readers, I am able to reveal the winning bracket for the NCAA tournament.

It's right here.

No, don't thank me, it's all part of the service.


Anonymous said...

Did you accidentally post the bracket from 2009?

Dave Hansen said...

Where's the love for Duke? To your defense, even Coach K said on ESPN that his team was good, but not great, and when it comes to college hoops, we'd all be wise to side with Coach K.

Anonymous said...

Tired of using "Not the Onion" as a blog post title?

John Thacker said...

If Henson doesn't get better fast, that's not happening, Munger.

J Scheppers said...

What are the odds that your better than the committee brackets top seed over lower seed?

What are the odds of the average outcome is better than the committee brackets?

I know these questions take the fun out of the game.

Joel said...

Davidson winning how many games???