Friday, January 18, 2013

CD, A Treatment, and an Analogy

An email from MK, slightly edited...

I believe that Science will lead us forward through our problems. Clostridium Difficile is a nasty infection that, once it takes root, grows rapidly and weakens the organism; it is difficult to eradicate. The public finance analogy is obvious.

Here is an effective treatment for C Diff reported today in NEJM:  Basically, instead of tidy white antiobiotic pills, they flush the patient's GI tract with a mixture of poop. Donated poop, from other people. And they do it through the nose ("nasoduodenally").

I pray--oh, how I pray--that an equivalent cure could be administered to our overlords.

MK, I'm with you.  I propose that if Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid are unable to agree on a budget that addresses the deficit, that large quantities of other people's poop be flushed through their nostils.  We have a new cure for "Congressional Difficile."


Bruce B said...

A taste of their own medicine!

Tom said...

Mungowitz prays "that an equivalent cure could be administered to our

This is a better analogy than you may realize. The tidy white pill
kills pathogens, rather like a violent revolution. The result is
likely result is philosophically similar overlords. A better path is to populate society (or your gut) with competing institutions
(Voluntarism) which will --hopefully-- drive out the bad.