Thursday, January 03, 2013

The IDK Problem: New Learn Liberty!

The folks at Learn Liberty (and I do mean the lovely Elisabeth McCaffrey, among others), are SO great at taking a pretty bland idea and doing something wonderful with it.  This turned out WAY better than I had any right to expect.  I have ALWAYS wanted to blow up into a cloud of colored smoke at the end of a video.  It hurt, but only a little.

(UPDATE:  Since people have asked, "Al Trewis" is an altruist, not someone for whom all is true.  That would have been clever, since if everything is true, nothing is.  But I'm not that deep.  He's just an altruist.)

(UPDATE II:  A number of people have said, "But you didn't talk about ____!"  Especially farm subsidies that distort prices.  Well, first, yes I did.  I mentioned that the subsidy for ethanol was cut, and that that changed things.  And second, it's a four minute video.  The number of things I did NOT talk about is essentially infinite.)


big al said...

great vid, and an excellent series.

Speedmaster said...

That was fantastic. ;-)