Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video Contest: Awesomeness From My Boy Stringham

This is so, so great.  Last year's contest was tremendous. And I got to be a judge.  We are doing it again!   This was last year's winner.  Extremely catchy.  You'll be humming it.  "We can make whatever you LIIIIIIKE!"

I'll admit that in addition to working as a professor, working as a music/rap video star can be stressful, but it's worth it. John Papola is clearly the master.  

But in my own small way, I am glad to be one of the judge's of the Economics Music Video Contest sponsored by Edward Stringham at Fayetteville State University. Last year's contest on "Supply and Demand" was a blast and we'll have a new contest "Economic Value is Subjective" this year.

Stringham writes: The goal is to encourage students to make videos that convey economic concepts in an interesting way. The first year’s contest asked students to make videos on Supply and Demand and the theme of this year’s contest is: “Economic Value is Subjective.”

Watch (seriously, watch!) the growing list of current entries at:

"Karl Menger had an idea long ago.  That value's different to people, therefore subjective, yo!"  Now, THAT is poetry, economics fans!

The contest is open to all students and entries are due May 15, 2013. The winners gets $2,500 and the professor of the winner gets $500.

To see past entries and more details about how to enter visit:


Anonymous said...

Pretty girls in econ videos are always a plus.

The sponsors might consider allowing others to contribute to the award pile via kickstarter or Amazon donations or something similar. I'd be up for $25 and bet many others would be, too.

Onward, through the fog!

Anonymous said...

There is another contest started “Ideas with Legs”, 30 second video can win over 10k in prizes: you can attend.