Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  You'll be wanting one of these, I expect.

2.  My new favorite thing about Canadians:  Bear-counting.  So cute and funny.

3.  Amgen gift:  So NOW the NYTimes gets it.  A little late.

4.  KPC friend David Leblang gets a nice write-up in Slate, on licensing cartels.

5.  Good news, bad news:  You must use flex fuels, except that they void your warrantee.  Wait, that's both bad news.  Never mind.

6.  Young man with quite a nice body decides to expose chest with 4th Amendment written in magic marker at TSA security.  Was it a protected protest?  New decision says maybe.  The bonus is that both Tommy and the LMM can enjoy the visual (don't worry, he's over 18, so it's not creepy or anything).

1 comment:

Thomas Dallaire said...

Oddly enough, the bear biologist is my girlfriends dad...small world O.o