Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Is the NRA So Powerful?

New video from Learn Liberty:  Why is the NRA so powerful?

Some things of note:

1.  The way the stick men caress the guns like luscious, curvy stick women is a little creepy.   Me gusta!  I'm not sure I would have chosen all the assault rifles, though.  Regular rifles, bolt action, or perhaps shotguns, are much more common interests for NRA members.
2.  I know that because I am an NRA member, and have been for a long time.  Card in my wallet, paid up member.  I am not happy with the recent positions on the NRA, on a variety of things.  But I am still a member.  Because the NRA is first and foremost the largest education and gun safety organization in the world.  And the magazines are awesome.  The NRA members I know, in law enforcement and gun training, are really fine people.  I am proud to be an NRA member, overall.
3.  I was so much fatter than.  I'm thinner than that now.
4.  As always, big ups to Elisabeth McCaffrey for making this all work.


Anonymous said...

The other selective benefit to note is the weekly contests to win arsenals of guns and elk hunts.

Anonymous said...

Members also get insurance on their guns and liability coverage on accidents that occur with them.

James Leroy Wilson said...

I'm not an economist, but two things I'd like to lay out...

1. There's never, ever, "market failure." There are only market FACTS.

2. There's never, ever, a "free rider problem." If something is built, it benefits the people wealthy enough to build it, and they couldn't care less if other people enjoy it at no cost. Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft aren't angry at me that I don't support the NFL's main advertisers. In fact, they're HAPPY I watch the games at all.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the story in Kristin Goss' "Disarmed." A Duke PHD grade and professor, I think.