Thursday, January 03, 2013

Whatever happened to the 22nd Amendment?

Is it just me or does it really seem like George Bush is now in his 4th term as president?

He finally got 99% of his tax cuts made permanent. Warrantless wiretapping is proceeding full speed ahead. We are still running huge deficits. Drones use continues to rise.

Hell there's even a natural disaster where people are mad about the lack of a government response!

I just don't see how conservatives get all tied up in knots about president O. After all, despite some differences in style and tone, he's pretty much one of them.


Neil said...

In many ways Bush is closer to the progressives than O is to the conservatives meaning their intersection is left of center.

Gerardo said...

The biggest similarity is their smug authoritarianism.

Anonymous said...

Friends who were and are big O supporters refuse to see that W is now in his 4th term. After asking them if the cognitive dissonance is painful, several no longer speak with me.

Reason nailed it with this video:

Allison Bricker said...

There is no "Cruise Control" when it comes to preserving Liberty, and thus why the notion of Term-Limts are a Red Herring. The actual power structure remains the same, we merely receive a new Puppet-in-Chief every four to eight years.

Until such time as the Cartel of Corporatist bankers are removed from their centralized control scheme known as the FEDERAL RESERVE, the nation will suffer an ever-growing level of oppression.

Angus said...

I wish there was "Cruise Control" because then Rock of Ages and Jack Reacher never would have been made!

Chris D said...

I especially love how Obama started a major war based on fabricated intelligence, and worked to let gays serve in the military and get married. Just like GWB!

One thing that hasn't changed: people making glib oversimplifications to troll over-reactive liberals, and mistaking their trolling for insight.