Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lawmakers Exempt Selves, Families, and Staffs from Obamacare

Seriously?  We were supposed to pass it first and then find out what is in it?

And once they found out what was in it, they decided to exempt themselves, their families, and their staff?  Congress, I mean.  I don't know much about health care, but I don't think that this is a good thing.

Furthermore, when the Army said, "We don't need more tanks," the Congress said..."You WILL take more tanks, and you will *&$^%$ing LIKE it!  We don't care about defense, we just want to spend more money!"

As Pope Leo X said, "God has given us the Papacy. Now let us enjoy it."

Nod to M.K., and Anonyman.

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Thomas W said...

I've been trying to make sense of this issue. The controversy is whether Congress must use the health exchanges. Yet employers which provide health insurance can pay for health insurance without using the exchanges under Obamacare (unless I'm misinformed). It seems logical that Congress would continue under the Federal health insurance programs currently in place, as modified by the law.

Instead it appears that Congress is debating whether to allow the government to pick up part of health insurance costs (as has been the case and continues for other employers) or whether members of Congress and their staffs must pay all of their health premiums using the exchanges.

I know there were arguments that Congress give itself a premium health plan compared to the rest of us, but this whole issue seems a distortion. An employer paying for health insurance is not an "exemption" to Obamacare. Saying so makes it much more difficult to distinguish between a real exemption (your health plan doesn't need to meet new mandates) against a "political" exemption.

If my understanding of the issue is wrong, somebody please enlighen me. I'm not an expert and could easily have wrong information.