Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  An experiment in bureaucratic compliance:  Atheist Shoes.

2.  This...THIS is how you write a headline, friends.

3.  MOOCS.  In the not too distant future.

4.  If there are two you, you can play real PD games.  "Extreme Kidnapping is a company operated by Adam Thick, an entrepreneur and convicted counterfeiter from Oakland County, Michigan. Thick founded Extreme Kidnapping in 2002 after being inspired by the old David Fincher movie The Game...For $500, Adam and his crew will abduct you at gunpoint and hold you hostage for four hours. A thousand bucks gets you ten hours, along with a bit of customized sadism." [The GQ article]

5. He's BACK in the saddle again. He's BACK! 6. The Great Flydini! Steve Martin on Johnny Carson.

6.  As always, I like headlines that pretty much tell the whole story.  As in this case: Butt-baring woman attacks boyfriend and teen with papayas over ‘birthday sex’  Which reminds me: this video on "How to Eat Papayas" is remarkably boring: cut it in half, and scoop out the seeds, like any melon. But the guy has the same crockery that we have Chez Mungowitz.

7. Perhaps she is just confused. Or misspoke.

8.  Economist Hulk tweets...

9.  Actuaries point out that we will not get something for nothing.  What we will get is a lot more cost.

10.  Dr. Neera Badhwar on "Just Market Exchanges."

11.  NY Times reveals, for the 10,007th time, that it has zero understanding of economics or markets.  Several howlers here.  Please do pick your favorite.

12.  Is this the dumbest movie premise in history?  No, but it's close.

13.  Can Austin, TX be Dubai?  Should it be?

14.  Portugal considers paying workers with debt, instead of cash.  Or is there a difference?

15.  My good friend Dr. S. Blackwood on choosing a college.  Interesting and provocative.

16.  Colleges as a "matching" problem...

17.  Joan Baez said "yes" to boys who said "no."  In this poster, at least.


Anonymous said...

Extreme in everything. The problem is in the move "The Game" that the protaganist had no idea it was a game until the end. It would be hard to maintain realism when you knew the whole thing was planned/fake.

Anonymous said...

Atheist shoes - I bet part of the delay is guys at the Post Office passing the packages around. "Hey, Bob, get a load of this!"

Anonymous said...

#2. Here's another good headline.

"Witnesses: Man drove 90 mph with genitals hanging out the window"

It's one flaw is that the man is also the vice-mayor of the town. That should have been in the headline, but it's still a doozey!