Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Newt Gingrich and the EMPeril.

2.  Instead of defending Obamacare and gun registration initiatives, Sen. Baucus decides to "spend more time with his family."  Suuuuurrrre.

3.  Q:  Could North Korea be any more bizarre?  A:  No.  Some medals, in a photo.  A story from NK that may be about medals, but it's hard to tell.

4.  People who believe in markets reject science.  Note that this requires the equation of "state control of means of production" and "science."  Sometimes, it is wrong to compare these guys with the USSR.  But sometimes "scientific socialism" is just what it appears to be.

5.  The ULTIMATE in cookie-dunking technology.

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6.  The "vinyl revival"?  Nick T is skeptical.  Angus?

7.  My "headline meme" fascination: Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop comes to aid of woman being attacked   . Pretty great.  The Bishop we all love would have used a shotgun.  Still effective, but less stylish.

8.  The headlines, they do not stop coming. Kanas woman meets circus tiger in bathroom

9.  An oldie but goodie from Jon-O.  Reihan Salam reacts to an unfortunate choice of words by "Sam" Bennett, but manages to respond without giggling.

10.  Have you ever wondered why we don't pay AT Controllers with user fees?  It makes no sense to pay from general revenues.  A petition.  I'm afraid the answer is as simple as it seems:  so that if there is even a small budget "cut" (a decrease in the rate of the increase), then our national bosses can punish us for our temerity.

11.  John Hood illustrates the reason why people should learn about Prisoners' Dilemma in school.  The only way to win is not to play.

12.  Are there rules for what can be said on television?  Apparently not.  At least, not if the FCC chair happens to agree with what you said.  We live in a banana republic, folks.

13.  A remarkably grating and yet still enjoyable time capsule:  Paul Stanley of K*I*S*S does the stage banter thing.  Jackie Blue went to see the lads in Orlando in 1976, and I'm still jealous.

14.  From my good friend George Leef:  UnCollege?

15.  The spring slowdown is right on schedule...

16.  How terrible a leader is Obama?  He's making people think, "Ya know, GW Bush wasn't SO bad."  Wait!  Yes, he was.  Bush was awful.  Don't think that the President HAS to suck, just because we have two suckers in a row.

17.  Headline:  Charming Prison Gang Leader Knocks Up Four Guards to Watch Him. Although this one actually gets better when you read it.  One of the women would stand guard while another would do the nasty, and then they would switch.  THAT is some manliness on display there.  The ladies not only don't fight, they cooperate to break the law to get them some of the fella.  Wow.  More details. 

18.  What does a happy marriage look like?  Well, apparently one of you has to jump in the air holding a giant fish, wearing only underwear and socks (the jumper wears that, not the fish).

19.  A sensible response to my little screed earlier.

20.  The Seven Most Overt Power Green Power Grabs, for your consideration.

21.  Will Franklin on Air Traffic Control.  Wow!  Some actual facts, and stuff.  I hope that catches on, as a style of argument.

22.  You can't really make fun of people who just go out and make fools of themselves.  You can just quote them, verbatim and in context.  Thank you, Ben Affleck! 

23.  A personal message from Mark Sanford, on why you should still vote for him even though he has been stalking his ex-wife and trespassing in their house.   It's impossible for the Repubs to lose this seat, just like it was impossible for the Repubs to lose the Indiana Senate seat.  But Mr. Akin Mourdock lost it, and now Mr. Sanford is doing his best. (CORRECTION:  Akin lost the Missouri Senate seat for being an idiot.  It was Mourdock who lost the Indiana seat!  Thanks to Leo for pointing this out...)

24.  Republicans are hopeless hypocrites, Part 9,684,583

25.  Some people call this an "ethics violation."  But in fact rent-seeking like this is simply the essence of the logic of organizing economic activity by state order. Far from a violation, it is the ESSENCE of the state.

26.  NY is going to "recycle" "everything" "plastic".  Here is my question:  Does anyone know what that means?  (I happen to know, but you won't like it.  Hint:  It does NOT mean that plastic will be actually recycled, and used to make new plastic.  None of it will actually be recycled.  It's a pure hoax, folks!)

27.  Insurance markets for climate change?  How to price this?

28.  When a game becomes a way to teach.  Interesting.

29.  George Bush is smarter than you are.  People on the left needed to make him "dumb," because that is easier than actually having to think of arguments.  Now, I think GWB was  a truly terrible President, but he was NOT dumb.

30.  Sheldon Richman on "need."  We need more people like Sheldon Richman!


Michael said...

Is it just me or does the article on free markets leading to a rejection of science have a simple fundamental flaw:

"The study of 1,377 people who visited climate change denial blogs found endorsement of laissez-faire free markets predicted the rejection of climate science and other established scientific facts, such as that HIV causes AIDS or that tobacco smoking causes lung cancer."

This is not a cross section of people who believe in free markets. This is a cross section of people who visit climate change denial blogs. It doesn't tell us anything about the general public.

Some rectangles are squares, but that does not meant that all squares are rectangles.

Anonymous said...

Also, if you read up on that study, it was actually posted on "Pro Global Warming" sites, and then asked skeptics to answer... How many actual skeptics do you think they got vs how many warmists pretending to be skeptics?

Leo said...

To be fair Todd Akin never lost the Indiana senate seat.

Tom said...

Warmists like to conflate skepticism about the high-tax, subsidy rich, central planning "solution" to Global Warming with skepticism about Science in general. They make other logic errors, too.