Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of LInks

1.  Goodman's Law of Regulatory Impact...

2.  Seen in the car...Oh, goodness.

3.  They cut my britches off.  After I rode my moped.

4.  Fast times in Asheville.

5.  The military prep school scam...

6.  Punks jump up to be smacked down...Maggie T edition.

7.  CO2 concentration in the earth's atmosphere...

8.  "Conservatives" fight spending cuts.  God, how I hate them.

9.  Rhode Island follies:  the law says no, but your Court says "YES!  YES!"

10.  A Coke and a smile, from Purdue engineering.

11.  Hugo's passing causes a run on Chavez tattoos.  I hear that Emilio P has a big tattoo of Hugo on his hinder parts.  But to get to see that you have to buy him some drinks, and maybe some nice jewelry.

12.  I do like those fully explanatory headlines:  Man tries to take photo of beaver:  It kills him.
At this point you may want to Google "dentata" on the subject of man-biting beavers.  Resist the temptation, and do NOT click this link.

13.  Have to like Jon Elster.  He hates everything.  And he has pretty solid reasons.

14.  Nick Gillespie on Colbert...I'm glad to see that he has gone back to the "The Jacket."

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