Thursday, April 04, 2013

Non-Single Peaked Preferences?

Three sizes for "growlers," or reusable take-out beer jugs:  32 oz (quart), 64 oz, and 128 oz (gallon).  Guess which one is illegal in Florida?  The MIDDLE one!

A story full of rich detail, raising many questions.

1. Are preferences really non-single-peaked, with the middle alternative worst?  Or is this just silly bureaucracy at work?

2. Did this really happen?  "At his urging, Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, tried to add a nearly 12-page amendment to Sen. Jack Latvala's two-line bill." Nice.  Very nice.

3.  One of the reasons beer is relatively expensive in the U.S. is the gigantic political power, and gross inefficiency, of distributors.  I hope we lift up this rock and look at all the scary things that crawl out.

4.  An irony:  Angus can't even drink beer, for health reasons.  But he's definitely a "growler."

A nod to Jeremy B.


Anonymous said...

When Tommy the Brit taught his interest group class to underage Yanks, he assigned a book called Strange Brew: Alcohol and Government Monopoly by Douglas Whitman--nice read, and the students were actually interested!

Joel said...

this will a great read for my crime and publci policy class next fall

Gerardo said...

*Growler* had a decidedly different meaning back in my rugby days

Gene Callahan said...

In Pennsylvania bars can sell you 1 to 12 beers to take home, and beer warehouses can sell cases. No one in the state can sell between 13 and 23 beers for take away.

John D. said...

You do know what "Growler" often refers to in the UK? If I were Angus I would take a little umbrage at the comparison...