Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Why Angus will never be able to visit Saudi Arabia:  No handsome men allowed.  Pelsmin discovered that having a "Ben-Gurion airport" entry visa apparently makes you extremely handsome.  He was not allowed into the country.  El Guapo!

2.  Headline meme:  Chlamydia is Killing Koalas...

3.  Marc Bellamare is a great American.  Well, he's Canadian, but he's great.

4.  Great scientists are creative, but graduate schools select for people who are good at math.  The two can be related, but they are not identical.

5.  "Rule of Law" may be necessary, but it's not sufficient, for growth. In fact, it may not be necessary.

6.  "Three Strikes" laws are barbaric...and wasteful.

7.  The Ivory Fortress...what is the relation between scholarship and journal publications and science?

8. The top 10 "Private Equity Loopholes" for you.  Okay, I'm kidding.  They are NOT for you.  You lose.

9.  My state's new faculty attack squad.  Why don't they think this is a problem, using state funds for partisan purposes?

10.  The Onion discovers the Denzau-Munger model...

11.  How rocking a baby is like grabbing a baby mammal by the neck...

12.  Pragmatic advising on PhD/grad school:  to be, or ABD?

13.  Cupcakes fall, investors get frosted.

14.  I hope this is a parody.  I realize he writes for Reuters, and if he were smarter he'd have a better job.  But...still, I hope it is an intentionally ironic bit.   Couldn't even play "Grand Game."  More like "Pathetic Troll."

15.  Flying money, in Raleigh.  Woman leaves purse on top of car, apparently $300 in purse goes flying.  I know some women who might do this.  Not naming names, but you know who you are. 


Joel said...

loved the paragraph Marc Bellamare's student wrote

it is nice to know students are learning

Anonymous said...

Also re: #3, hybrid cars are the same, new version of conspicuous consumption.

Dirty Davey said...

Re: "using state funds for partisan purposes" -- the marginal cost of the email messages sent and the listserv distribution is certainly less than a penny of electricity.

Pelsmin said...

On #14, this guy doesn't just write for Reuters. "Educated at Columbia, Oxford, and Harvard, where he received his Ph.D., he is the author of several books..." He's taught at Dartmouth. Was Chief Economist of Fred Alger and Co. And he wrote a history book on how well the Muslims, Jews and Christians used to get along.
So he's smart in a Chuck Schumer kind of way. He's just a fool.