Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Actually, Not That Hard to Figure Out

This person is confused about why the sign below would have been put up.

I can help out by explaining, ma'am.  There is essentially no economic justification for wind power in most of the places it is being "used."  It is expensive, noisy, and inefficient.  It uses, if you account for the costs of placing, repairing, and decommissioning the wind "farms," and putting out fires, FAR more energy than it produces.  There were questions from the outset, as here.   If you actually wanted relatively safe, clean energy, you'd favor nuclear power, as here.  Wind power is actually dangerous, in addition to being a waste of money.

Thus, the only reason that states and counties get all tarted up in red lipstick and short skirts to attract those wind-sailors is the federal and state subsidies, which are enormous distortions of actual investment incentives.  That is, you can "make money," but only by pimping out your land to create noise, fire, and environmental damage.  There is no energy payoff, so you are just doing it for the quick subsidy cash.  I hope that clears it up, ma'am, and perhaps you should read something other than Daily Kos-titute.

(Nod to RWA)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and let's not forget this cost.


Angus said...

I still don't get it Mungo. Are you saying that flesh & blood prosties are only worth it if you get a government subsidy?

Jeff said...

I knew about the subsidies already, but the fires were a new one, though. Kinda breaks with the prostitution theme, though. I don't think hookers usually burst into flames, do they?

Anonymous said...

"the result is the same".

Is it that people get screwed with either?

John Covil said...

The fool: "It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

Yeah, the result is the same.

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