Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Bring all my mules up here and kick 'em one time! (far east edition)

Is this the latest K-POP boy band sensation? Are all Yakuza congenitally incontinent? Are they so chickensh*t that they don't get tatoos on the parts underneath the diaper? Is that the Iron Chef in the middle? What in the sam hill do they got on their feets?

I think that should just about cover it here in "Today in WTF".


Peter McIlhon said...

For the record, K-Pop is Korean. Yakuza is Japanese.

Angus said...

LOL, no, K-POP is from Kapan!

newbigprinz said...

Angus ... those look (too small for my eyeballs) like tabi ... "socks" with a separation for the big toe to wear with sandals or geta.

You really do need to buy the Zatoichi blu-ray box from Criterion. Your welcome.

Get a pair of tabi here: