Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Westerly, RI:  Where there is always action around the Brazen Hen.   (It's on Canal Street, the busy hub of Westerlyness, close to Toscano's Men's Shop if you want to rent a tux before trying to kill somebody).  Much to enjoy here.  The guy is 24 and has "an extensive criminal record."  He assaulted a funeral direct and violated his parole before assaulting a romantic rival using his mother's Kia Optima.  And the headline makes it sound like the hit-and-run took place IN court.  How he got his mother's Kia Optima into court I'll never know.

2.  Brain teasers trigger alarms of Venezuelan government.  Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves...

3.  If Marlon Brando weren't dead, was short, and had a band, it might look something like this.

4.  If you are the sort of guy who even NOTICES "toe cleavage," then you are likely to want to pay more attention to a lady's toes than most ladies will feel comfortable with.   Like this guy.  A little toe-sucking can be fine, of course, but never on the first date.  (UPDATE:  It was an April Fool's joke...But since I am in Bratislava, Slovakia now, I just left it..)

5.  "Neglect, carefully cultivated."  That sounds like my physical fitness regimen!


6.  High frequency trading:  should it be illegal?  And how in the world could you make it illegal?  And then...  On the Daily Show... A contrary view, calling Michael Lewis "A shill for the buyside."
And then a  debate in 20 minutes.  Long, but interesting.

7.  Hot ladies?  An odd place to send the deaf...

8.  The Weather Channel uses Twitter to troll up UGA, and other things.

9.  Taco nazi:  Putin, no tacos for YOU.

10.  This is well done, and transcends language barriers.  How does Opa use his new gift from his daughter...

11.  Open source comedy?

12.  Charles G. Koch offers some observations.  And a bunch of commenters show themselves to be idiots.

13.  Big solar?  Not very green....

14.  Holy smokes, Dartmouth kids are fighting oppression of costly sex change operations.  Of course, Duke caved on that one preemptively...

15.  Pro-tip:  Don't poke self in eye with ice-pick.  And don't use heroin.

16.  The scouting report, from a lady who has seen it all. Best fans:  St Louis Cardinals.  It's our world.  We are happy you get to live in it, tho.  Because we're really nice people.

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Neil said...

I am not so sure about #3. Perhaps the wrong link or I am slow.