Thursday, April 24, 2014

WCDMA is Badass!

A truly strange video.


Tom said...

Bad ass commercial and the best part is at the very end: Credits - lame, stop doing it. ;-)

Innisfree said...

Most mobile customers in China are still using 2G actually.

The primary state provider, China mobile, doesn't use WCDMA, but rather a 3G tech called TDSCDMA which not many handsets support. Therefore most of their customers use 2G technologies: GSM and EDGE.

The other two mobile providers, China Unicom and China telecom, use WCDMA and CDMA2000 respectively, and their customers probably are mostly using 3G.

Bill said...

In the ancient Cybertronian dialogues, Mank-Gear is introduced: "I say that I am useful to the Vector Prime, and to the Autobots, and to the Decepticons, and to all sentient robots. I ascend my ship with my merchandise, and spacewarp over the sea-like places, and sell my things, and buy badass WCDMA things which are not produced in on Cybertron, and I bring them to you here with great danger over the interstellar void; and sometimes I suffer spacewreck, with the loss of all my things, scarcely escaping myself."

Pelsmin said...

Looks like the Transformers' plan was to destroy the Earth's defense by turning off Obama's TelePrompter mid-speech. I thought the summary of his military strategy (run and hide) was a little too close to home, although they didn't cap it with the most likely strategy (capitulate.)

It would have worked too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids.