Friday, April 18, 2014

The Twilight Zone?

The nice thing is that this is about BOTH GWB and BHO. Do as I say....


ConnGator said...

Ug, every president since Reagan has been worse than the one before.

Just hope President Snowden does not fallow the pattern.

Pelsmin said...

Nice to play the "Each side is as bad as the other" game, but it's not true.

We knew a ton about Bush before he ever ran; his business dealings (including some unseemly transactions in energy and sports), his academic record (not impressive in some ways, but fine in others), his military service (laugh if you want at Air National Guard, but he trained and qualified as a fighter pilot, not a pencil pusher) and even the details of his social life and dating history.

Obama, on the other hand, came in as a complete unknown. And the media lost any curiosity about his past. Claims about his schools, his church, his financial transactions, even his stint as a Law Professor (or not) at Chicago all went unquestioned. Not one interview with a former girlfriend or roommate? Not one Professor from college talking about his experiences with Obama?

The guy was able to get elected President of the United States with no vetting. Shame on the media who rightfully give a proctological exam to Bush and every other leader.