Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Male lawyers dressing badly....

2.  A video of video clips behaving cutely...

3.  Prof. pranks:  April Fools.

4.  Man-car love.

5.  Envypreneurship...


6. Gluten-free blacksmithing, stored in hand-thrown mason jars. And other randomly generated "Hipster Hobbies."

7.  "Starving"?  Really?  I think he meant he wanted money to get pizza delivered.  After having a snack, after dinner.  Young men that age are always "starving."  It's perfectly fair to claim he is being ripped off, especially going to an education-free zone like UConn.  But starving?

8.  Car tipping.

9.  A video for R. Hutter, to help with his golf game.  Sort of.

10.  Advances in waterless poopology.

11.  Privacy laws.  Or, things the state cannot do.  Either way, I like them.

12.  Drive-by squirrel hunters.  Not sure this is really a problem, unless they are using an actual firearm.  Even a .22 is pretty scary in any urban setting.  The muzzle velocity of the long .22 rifle is pretty mighty.  But if it's an air rifle?  I have to admit, I don't really like squirrels, or Mets fans, or other vermin.

13.  I've always wondered what "Viscount" meant.  Turns out it means idiot. As Gandalf might have put it, "Beano alone will not save you!"

14.  Can Americans actually cooperate?  Maybe.  But maybe we need to think more like the Dutch.  An interesting thesis:  having to work together can have benefits.

15.  10 Questions Libertarians Can't Answer, and Hope that You Will NEVER ASK!

16.  If you steal a computer, you may want to avoid calling tech support.

17.  "You can tell when it's done, by the smell..."

18.  Second-tier cities are cool.

19.  What a sweet, calm pup.

20.  A woman with an encompassing view of the scope of state responsibiilty...

21.  "So, listen to me, a talking pug, you see..."

22.  There are many men for whom the LMM would happily leave me.  Rob Lowe is one.

23.  Westerly, RI gets new paint job.  Way to go, Shirley!

24.  Phishing performance art.

25.  This guy is claiming air should be free.  When in fact everything about his claim is an indication of why it is NOT free, but rather a common pool resource that's actually quite valuable.

26.  I wonder if he can hit a 1-iron.  As I recall, Dan Clark is the only human who could hit a 1-iron.

27.  If sliders were the numeraire good....A minimum wage index.

28.  This goes so far beyond self-parody that it parodies self-parody.  The Onion would reject this as too obviously implausible.  NO ONE would say this much stupid crap about themselves.  ANYONE would realize that they are making themselves look like idiots.  Except. These. Two. People.


Anonymous said...

Combine 8 and 14, and you get this:

MK said...

OMG #28. This quote does it for me: "“I’ve never been to Africa, but I feel like I have this deep affinity for it,” Ms. Hanley Mellon said. “I’ve read every Hemingway, we collect Peter Beard, I’ve watched ‘Out of Africa.’ "



Spot on! That quote made me roll my eyes and laugh out loud at the same time (somehow).

What a dolt.

"I've never been to Saturn but I feel like I have a deep affinity for it. I've seen sketches of it"


OTOH his company accepts bitcoin.

+1 for accepting bitcoin, -1,000 for everything else

Anonymous said...

I spend a lot of time in Greenwich, and I have to say I know where Mellon's coming from re: Africa. If you've ever thought of visiting Greenwich, save your money and just read #28.

Pelsmin said...

Combine #12 and #28 and you've got me interested. As an avid squirrel hunter and a die-hard Met's fan, i resent the aspersions you've cast, Mike.
But I think we would all join in support of someone busting a paintball cap in the middle of those Mellon clowns' Mulberry coats.

And what is she talking about immersing herself in a place and smelling the smells, when she's only seen a movie about Africa?

Hilarious. Makes me want to join Occupy Wall Street.