Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Psycho-Separatist Performance Art

With gratitude to Chris Lawrence....

A simulated takeover, by a guy who must have been pretty brave, but turned out not to be brave, because there is no actual security.  In fact, when there IS security, they just give up their armored vehicles if someone looks at them mean.

You have to like:
1.  The "honor system" checkpoints, just on the one main road
2.  The lady who gives directions to the target
3.  The polite policeman who explains "It is not allowed."
4.  The frightened policemen who say, "We have pistols."
5.  The "Fight Club" as idiot juveniles reference, just for Scott de Marchi
6.  The ribbons.  They put ribbons on the antenna, fercrissakes.

Once you have read the piece, you can follow the video:

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