Saturday, April 05, 2014

The snake eating its own tail?

The symbol of the snake eating its own tail is ancient.  The idea of this kind of circle is appealing, because it is so paradoxical.

So...Obamacare imposed a new tax.  But then panicked, because the tax would have to be paid, and if someone has to pay something they can't claim that their chosen role as Santa is viable.  Santa claims he doesn't like naughty kids, but in fact even the naughty kids want to keep stackin' that paper.

So, the plan is to pay the tax that is being charged to finance Obamacare.  But then who will pay the tax that will be used to finance the subsidies that go to pay the tax that was supposed to finance Obamacare?  Ummmmm.......tail.

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Anonymous said...

It will all be explained by mulitiplier effects, naturally!