Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Don't worry so much about banks....Or worry more, or something.

2.  For the LMM:  Foot surgery.  We may not have come that far from this.

3.  Love, and marriage.  Because they may not be the same thing. A follow-up on the first story...

4.  More people should do this.... I like the new Delta video, I have to admit.  There are several allusions in it to previous videos, but even if you just lived through the '80s you'll laugh.

5.  Stop asking her when she is having a baby. I'm getting a little sick of this whining thing, like it's just so hard to decide.  Decide.  And then STFU.  Of course, she is quite right be chapped when people rudely ask her about it.  But it sounds like the reason she is mad is that she just doesn't want to have to decide.  That is NOT right.


6.  Concealed carry.  You know what this is going to be about.  But you are going to read it anyway.  Thanks to Tommy the Tenured Brit, who KNOWS what I like.

7.  Bound to happen.  Uber for sex workers.

8.  Who will navigate the navigators?

9.  The Iron Curtain was removed, but no one told the Czech deer.

10.  Bulverism.

11.  Wow.  If you think that it's a little odd that a small town police department has a tank, you are a "pacifist."  And that's partly because "it's free."  It's not free and nobody should think a small town police department needs a f%^&*%$ tank.  UPDATE:  Finally.  The aldermen, who "just found out", are asking some questions.

12.  Wow again.  I wonder how the dog liked the gas mask.

13.  We would be MUCH better off just giving people the money, and letting them find their own health care.  Oh, wait.  That's basically what single payer is.  So I've already said that.

14.  Dartmouth College has lost its mind.  Though, I wrote about how it lost its mind in 1986, also.   I thought then that the "Pol Pot" comparison was a little over the top.  Maybe not?

15.  Satan-child poisons Grandma's collards.  That is some serious hatin' there.  Poison Grandma's collards over a cell phone?

16.  If only we could be as good as our dogs believe we are.  Or, half as good.

17.  First borns are more successful, using usual measures of success.  But is the difference even larger for females?   Actually, yes:  the difference between first-borns and later children is larger (on average) for females than for males.  But there is a LOT of variance, folks.

18.  English is hard.

19.  You can't spell "Pineda" without "Pine," right? 


Anonymous said...

Just experienced a bulverism Saturday night.

Me: "Western Europe can't defend Ukraine because it has spent excessively on social programs. Now it's broke AND militarily weak."

Her: "Americans always think their way of doing things is the right way."

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't giving every town a tank be a much better idea than giving people healthcare?

John said...

Link to 16 is the same as the link to 15. And I wanted to read 16, not 15!

Anonymous said...

What John wrote