Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"The wiliest tools of the Devil"

 "Easter Eggs are one of the wiliest tools of the Devil," ~Dr. Daniel Cameroon


Larry said...

A part of me wondered whether this was a good satirical piece worthy of The Onion. The guy's name alone seemed like a joke. But after a brief search it looks like this is a real book.

I should point out that it would not have been possible for the pre-Christian pagans he mentions to expect humping would make their tomatoes grow. Tomatoes originated in South America and were not brought across the Atlantic until at least the year 1500.

Tununak said...

Fortunately, a joke, see bottom of page where it states this is a "Landover Baptist Parody page".

I was getting a bit worried after clicking on another book: "Nancy Boy Chrissy, The Bed-Wetting Sissy!"