Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Two elderly women fly for the first time, ever.  Cute.

2.  On the other hand, this woman...well.  See for yourself.  Or, maybe don't.  DECIDEDLY NSFW,  and an image that you will want very much to unsee.  But it is in keeping with the "women and airplanes" theme.  Amazing that US Airways did that.  WARNING:  Don't look at this, unless you are the sort of person who reads KPC regularly.  This is not a nice thing to look at.

3.  A college degree can still be worth quite a lot.  HOWEVER (Protip):  It helps if you take actual classes, and have an actual major.  If not, you might be a barrista.

4.  Howard Coble has retired.  But he is still WAY more badass than your sorry excuse for a member of Congress.

5.  One word:  en-dog-en-ous.  Children who are doing really well in school, and on tests, don't need their parents to get involved.  Parents worry when little Johnny is doing poorly.  So, bad scores cause parental involvement.  When you ask if parental involvement causes improved test scores, you'll find a (spurious) negative correlation.


6.  Finally, a contest I'd have a chance of winning!

7.  So, next time the LMM is miffed at me, I'll suggest it's just her blood sugar.  "Just go have a candy bar...."  What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

8.  Money for nothin', and your clicks for free.

9.  "Goin' all Boudreaux" can chafe.  So next time you write several snarky LTE's, make sure you have some of this!

10.  Toy Story Live!  I do feel bad for the woman who spent $71 trying to grab the baby with the claw...

11.  German shepherd called to jury duty in NJ.  What they don't say is that once they realized the "juror" was canine, they made her foreman.  Clearly the best educated and wisest creature in the room.

12.  Markets in everything....

13.  Donetsk uber alles....

14.  Weekend at Mickey's.....

15.  The LMM claims men should just watch this..... 

16.  So....a guy who is a two-fisted drinker.  Yikes.

17.   Tick....tick....tick.....

18.  Creativity is often a virtue.  But not for reporting statistics in government.

 19. Woman has epiphany:  What we need is more expensive food!

20.  Mayor:  Man, I love this job!  (borp...)

21.  What in the world was she DOING?  Changing into something more comfy?  Had to be a bit disappointing... "I'm ready, my little Boo-Boo!  Boo-Boo, where are you?  Wait, where's the dog?"

22.  A remote-control flying fire-breathing jet dragon.  

23.  Thomas Sargent gives a brief, excellent graduation speech.

24.  Why can't folks find jobs?  Because it's illegal to work!


Headlines:  One of the truly most outstanding examples of the headline maker's art:  

Woman in sumo wrestler suit assaults ex-girlfriend who waved at man dressed as Snickers bar... Maybe that's what is meant by "Unskinny bop, there's nothin' more to say" (though there is a video to watch, if you like Poison).

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The "just so story" link just leads to the main page of The Week's website, instead of to a particular article....