Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Can you really be a competent, professional reporter in the year 2008 if you don't know the verb "to punk". As in "Punk'd!", the Ashton Kutcher tv show?

Admittedly, I used a variant. But c'mon.

Here's how it went down.

The News and Observer, my home town paper (and it's a pretty good paper) had this story. The gist is that lots of races in the NC Gen Assembly will be unopposed.

I protested, via email. The filing period just passed is for the PRIMARY, in May. The Libertarian Party juggernaut (it's a JUGGERNAUT, I tell you!) is finishing up its signature drive, and will soon be able to post candidates to the GENERAL ELECTION, in November.

So, not unopposed, at all.

I went a little nuts. Sent an email. To credit of N&O, they blogged it up, immediately. The appropriate response, no complaints.

Except, in the blog entry, we find this admission:

He also said that Dome's failure to mention the possibility of Libertarian candidates "chilipunked" him. We have no earthly idea what that verb means.

KPC readers! My (mis)spelling aside, let's tell the N&O what "chili punk'd" means! Comment here, and help me out!


Angus said...

Is it anything like "two girls, one bowl of chili?"

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what that means...

The fact that Angus knows about that internet meme makes me very suspicious about the economics profession.

Will Welch said...

Punk'd? Yes. Chilipunked? Absolutely no idea what that means. The only place on the internet (according to google) in which chilipunked appears is this very post.

Shawn said...

more repulsed that I know what angus is referring to [<,>,=] as surprised as I am that angus knew it.

similarly: I got nothin' on chilipunk'd...or punked...

Anonymous said...

Punkd is punkd. Pwnd.

Chilipunkd is "chilly punked."

Punkd in a particularly cold / brutal fashion.

(Crossposted @ N&O).

Anonymous said...

Chilipunkd: Stooping low enough to call the N&O "a pretty good paper" and having them still ignore your candidacy.

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