Friday, November 07, 2008

Almost Back

I am almost back, after being absent due to the election, but I am awfully sick. Can't shake the cold I got from doing this.

Some more recent stuff. Nice of Duke to do that, frankly. I appreciate the reacharound.


Anonymous said...

my wife wants to know if that was cold

Anonymous said...

Almost 3%. Pretty good, given through how much trouble the state went to keep third parties of the ballot. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Im a dem, but liked your spiel and voted for you. I liked just about everything you said, tho will remain a true liberal in my desire for regulating business. I made my poor family watch the gub debates instead of whatever it was they wanted to watch. SOme interesting notes from the fam for what you should do next time...
The women didn't like that neither you nor the green party candidate in the WRAL roundtable interview had your hands on the table. And nobody but me an' the F-in-L liked the comment that if Perdue and MCCrory fell off a bridge the people of NC would be better off. I thought it was hilarious, but hilarious wont' get you elected, so for the senate run, show your hands more, watch what you say, and yes...lose a little weight. Women are shallow about that, and they represent 50% of the voters.
p.s. I work at duke and noticed you had no campaign signs up at the early voting site. Was that just good manners on your part?

Mungowitz said...

It WAS cold, yes.

Anon: I had two signs at the Duke early voting site.

I'm sure you are right about the other stuff. I am too fat, I think the bridge joke is funny, and I wasn't even aware I didn't have my hands on the table.

But....dude! I came in third by WELL over 1 million votes. I think it may take more than improving my sense of humor, losing weight, and putting my hands on the table to make up that difference. Still, thanks for watching!