Thursday, November 27, 2008

How Do They Know These Were Iowa Fans?

Iowa fans cited for restroom sex during Gophs game

Posted: Nov. 26 3:17 p.m.

MINNEAPOLIS — While the Hawkeyes were stomping the Gophers on the Metrodome field last weekend, police said two Iowa fans were having a romp of a different kind in a restroom. Both events, police say, had their share of cheering fans.

A 38-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man turned to a handicapped stall for their tryst Saturday evening.

On the field, the Hawkeyes were on their way to 55-0 trouncing of the Gophers. In the restroom, a crowd of intoxicated fans gathered to cheer the off-the-field event.

Eventually, a security guard tipped off University of Minnesota police. Officers had to interrupt the couple to cite them for indecent conduct, a misdemeanor.

Police Chief Greg Hestness said the woman initially gave a false name to officers. She was released to her husband and the man was released to his girlfriend.

Both people in the stall were intoxicated.

Some Q's, because KPC readers want to KNOW....

1. How do they know these folks were Iowa fans? Was the guy wearing an "Old Gold and Black" prophylactic?
2. "She was released to her husband and the man was released to his girlfriend." Another story we'll never know the end of. But I'll bet the conversation on the way home, in both cars, was interesting.
3. The Iowa fight song does mention making the "walls and rafters ring." That's all these two were doing.

Finally, nod to Carolina Guy, who sent the link. He says, "If Libertarians are opposed to police (i.e. state) interference of this type, I'm signing up." It IS hard to say that these two were harming anyone. And given the events outside at the time, this was pretty tame.

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